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Our magnificent men's ties are essential for the well-dressed gent, and perfect for a variety of shirt collar styles. We offer classic plain ties and playful patterns like spots and stripes, as well as a winning array of bow ties.

I have a navy blue knit tie with wide horizontal red stripes around 1cm thick and cm apart. I wait with anticipation for your response. The problem is, purple can be dark and get lost in sea of black provided by your suit. Sounds like a strong statement, Ken. I want to buy a formal shirt for it.

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A check shirt with pink in it and a bow tie is going to be pretty aggressive. The taupe suit will tone things down and the bow tie should also be more grounded than the strongly patterned shirt. That leads us to chambray in a shade of blue that ties in to the blue in the shirt.
A check shirt with pink in it and a bow tie is going to be pretty aggressive. The taupe suit will tone things down and the bow tie should also be more grounded than the strongly patterned shirt. That leads us to chambray in a shade of blue that ties in to the blue in the shirt.
Shirts and bow tie combinations are something rarely addressed in the bow tie community, and figuring out which shirt to wear with your bow tie can be a real hassle.
The Tie Bar provides our combo bar with stylish shirt and tie combinations that include of ties, shirts, and matching accessories with belts, suspenders, and pocket squares. Blue Bow Tie & Suspender Combo. Blue Shirt & Red Tie Combo. Christmas Tree Shirt & Tie Combo. FILTER.
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Our magnificent men's ties are essential for the well-dressed gent, and perfect for a variety of shirt collar styles. We offer classic plain ties and playful patterns like spots and stripes, as well as a winning array of bow ties.

The answer completely depends on the pattern and the shirt. We can, however give you guidelines, which is just what we did when we published our article on How to Match a Tie to a Striped Shirt.

And, as always, remember, these are just guidelines. The ultimate test is put the shirt and tie on and look in the mirror. If you like what you see, case closed. If not, go back to the closet and try again. I have a school dinner to attend this week. I have a black suit, a burgundy waistcoat and a plain white shirt.

What colour of tie would be suitable to wear? When wearing a black suit for an evening affair keep things simple and classic. We love a black necktie for this. Simple, stylish and sharp. I am 19, and have a farewell planned with a dress code of shirt along with tie. This will look suave and attractive as long as your shirt fits properly and your tie is tied just right. Thanks for the Heads Up… Great Advice…. If you just want to skip to the answers, there are no right answers.

It all start and ends with the fit, Max. From there, there are many more pieces of advice than we could possibly cover in the comments of an article about matching shirts and ties.

I am 17 years old I am wearing blue suit, with blue pant, white shirt and brown shoes for farewell so can u suggest me what tie should I wear and what type of handkerchief should I put on as pocket sqaure.

Following this simple rule takes the guesswork out of picking a color for your ties. Dark shirts have a casual look and rarely look good with ties of any sort. So back to the drawing board on this one, Ismail. Rock that shirt with no tie and, think of some other use for that bow tie As a dog collar, maybe? A solid shirt and solid tie is combination 1 above. You can go with high contrast like a white shirt and black tie or low contrast, like a gray shirt with a black tie.

Which should you choose? That depends on you. This system works for any items of clothing. For more on this subscribe to The Compass to see how we do this and check out the article on picking shirt colors to match you.

I have bought a shiny slate grey suit.. Will you please helpme what colour shirt and tie combination will suit the most. I am brown complexed. Another important question to ask is: Work, wedding, date, the list goes on and on.

But perhaps the most important question of all is: Figure that out here. It is a graduation program in my college and i am trying to look at my best. But i am not able to think of a good match as i am brown complexed. Hmmmm…did you read the article we recommended about matching your shirt to you? There it shows that there are strong color combinations for every skin tone.

As you can see from the models throughout our website there are thousands of shirt and tie combinations that look good on men with brown skin. Wear a white dress shirt. Hello first i have to say this article is very helps me. And i have question i have dark purple blue base color and mint green dotted polka dot shirt. Dot is very small almost 2mm and i dont know how to choose my suit and tie.

I tought navy blue suit and bow tie it is fine? Beware of the dark shirt and tie combination. Your tie should always be lighter than your shirt. If you wear a dark shirt this severely limits your tie choices. We recommend a lighter shirt or going without a tie. Is it okay to use a Black necktie? Thank you for the tips. As we told Roy when he asked about a green shirt and black tie combo , this is a non-starter for us.

The darker your shirt the less formal the look, so we our first question is: Take that as a sign. Instead, go with a white or blue shirt. What are power ties and which colors make a the best ones? As for my other combo, I just got my self tailored a powdered blue shirt. I have a diagoannly striped dark blue tie with off-white and grey accents. The color scheme is same for my plaid dark blue tie. I also have a vintage-esque tie with blue and yellow repeating patterns.

I folded it to a four-point fold. Are the three blue elements too mucn? I was thinking of going yellow shirt, dark brown tie, and charcoal brown suit. Perhaps have the yellow shirt changed to the solid beige linen one I was craving to have. So, what do you think? To your first question about the so-called power tie.

The color of your tie should tell people about your taste in tie colors, nothing more. When you make sure your stuff matches you, it naturally matches anyway. If your collection of ties, for instance, includes elements of your eye color and your shirts are all white and blue, pairing them is easy, you can practically get dressed in the dark.

Go and do likewise, Gilbert. I bought a new patterned shirts on sale as well for my unsuited look. Striped shirt for ligher pants and checked for dark jeans. Hi, my 8 year old is having his first comunion at the end of the year and is going to wear a navy blue suit; cognac belt and shoes. I was thinking on white shirt an yellow tie. What is your advice? A similar alternative could be a bronze colored tie instead of stark yellow against a white shirt. I have beige color suit and want to pair up with maroon checked shirt or sky blue shirt.

Could you please help me which one looks better and also color of tie for both shirts. Bad news and good news. The good news is, all the information you need is staring right back at you in the mirror. You can learn to do this too. There we break down how to find the colors that work best for you and give you advice that lets you make endless shirt and tie combinations. Not to oversell it, but that article will change your life! I understand the white tie on a solid white shirt.

We would not recommend a white tie. The rule of thumb is that your tie should always be darker than your shirt. Is it good enough for a dark coloured guy to go on solid-black suit, ash trousers, solid-pink and a black shoe? But then you took a hard left turn and threw a pink tie in there that could sabotage the whole look.

As we said in our article dedicated to how to wear a black suit , a surefire way to screw it up is to wear black with loud, high-contrast, colored accessories. The affect is jarring and will make you look like a style rookie. Instead, keep the tie either dark, if it is a color or a shade of gray for a sharp outfit. Could you incorporate a splash of yellow or red?

Whether to wear the dotted tie or striped tie depends on the tie. Does it have to be a darker tie? This too comes down to scale. October 12, at Ill probably go with white shirt instead. Love the self-serve approach you took, Clayton! You figured it out. As we noted in our article on picking shirt colors that match you , there are many skin colors, Varinder. Just in our office alone, those pants could range from off white jeands to khaki chinos to cocoa brown slacks.

So the color of the pants you described is still a bit of a mystery to us, making it tough to give a good recommendation. Because as we always say see most of the comment replies below matching the colors of your clothes is secondary.

Before you match the clothing colors to each other, be sure you understand what matches with you. Giving those a look should give you tons of ideas for shirt and tie combos that work for you. So I like deep, dark and heavily saturated colors.

How much of a crime would it be for me to wear a navy blazer, light gray trousers light is fine below the belt with a navy or dark blue shirt and a light tray or silver tie matching the trousers? At any rate, the predominant colors on top for me must be dark jacket AND shirt, with tie being the contrast. I would rather be unconventional and feel better than wear a light shirt which I would not feel comfortable in at all.

What context is that? We just published a whole article about it recently. If you want to stand out in a sea of black and white, read about how you can go beyond a black tie dress code without breaking any rules.

The first week of September I will attend to a wedding. I have a black suit, white shirt. What color tie should I wear? I have a light yellow tie with light blue squares, also have royal blue tie with white and dark blue dashes, and other light blue with white and pink. I need your advice. Strong colors are just too jarring against an already stark contrasting black and white suit and shirt background.

Check out that article for examples. We call this kind of thing dressing from the inside out and we recently published a whole article about how to use your coloring to choose your shirts.

Your case is an excellent example of how color combinations should not be considered in a vacuum. So we would caution you against too strong of a contrast like an orange tie. For instance, you could follow your eye color. Got brown eyes, try a rich earthy brown tie. You get the idea…when searching for colors to wear, the first place to look is in the mirror. Hey looking for any insight. Getting married this fall. Going to wear a navy suit.

Fiancé has put down some requirements. The guidance ive received so far that due to suit-shirt combo cant pick a solid tie. Gentlemen, do you agree with that logic? If so, are there any patterns I should be weary of.

Appreciate any and all responses. Done well it can work. That said, when the solid colors have no relation to each other, it can look a little color block-y. The way to do that is to choose a tie that includes, you guessed it, navy blue and either burgundy or plum like this one or this one. Attending a wedding soon. I have a black suit with small small dark grey stripes , biege pants and a white shirt with light gray stripes shirt.

What colour tie would fit with that? Are you thinking of wearing a pinstripe jacket with non-pinstripe pants? This is a big no-no. Pinstripes are meant to create long lines down your body, so interrupting these lines with solid pants, especially a more casual pant like chinos, should never be done. A good option would be to stick with the gray theme in your blazer and shirt and wear a light gray tie.

What tie would go well with this? That can make for a sharp look. You could go with a black or gray tie and black shoes and belt, for instance, and it will work. Contrary to what most people think, color combinations are more influenced by the wearer than by the combination itself.

That is, learning what color combinations look good on you and building your wardrobe around those. To see the system in action, check out our recent article about picking the best shirt color for you. I am going to be wearing a turquoise blue shirt a bit dark , black trousers and brown belt for the coming teachers day!

What colour tie would go with this combination?! If you need help choosing the right shirt color for you, read up on that here. Anyways, if possible, we think you should rock a white dress shirt instead. But, back to your tie dilemma, we suggest a light blue tie for either shirt you decide to go with.

Hi, I was looking to wear a pale blue bow tie with white dots and pale blue braces and was wondering what colour shirt to wear? Your shirt should always be lighter in color than your tie. With a pale blue bow tie that leaves you few options. White is your best bet since it will coordinate with the white dots of the bow tie. Dressing for yourself is the key. What looks good on you might not work on another guy.

We recently wrote a whole article about how to apply these principles to picking a shirt. So our first recommendation is to get out a mirror and check out that article.

All of that being said, the shirt and tie combination sounds a little off. So we would proceed with caution. But again, it all depends on how it looks on you. I have a dark blue shirt with sort of dots on it for a next week wedding. What color of tie you suggest. What color are the dots on your shirt? What color are your pants? Are you wearing a jacket? If so, what color is said jacket? However, a general rule about dark colored shirts you can work around is choosing a tie in the same color family, just a different shade lighter blue, in this case.

Thanks for you attention. So grab a mirror and check out our article on dressing from the inside out , where we explain why the most important color combination all men should know is how the combination of your hair and skin color make clothes look on you. Would a Jerry Garcia tie with purple patterns go with a solid color royal blue jacket? Hmmm, a Jerry Garcia tie? What do you usually match these wild ties to? We recommend either a classic white shirt, or a pale blue.

You actually have quite a few options with a shirt like this, Ray. You could contrast it with black, or even a darker shade of gray.

Pls am getting ready for my wedding, I hv a purple shirt and gold shirt. What color of tie should I wear them on a black suit? Purple and gold is tough to pull off on any suit. With a black suit it is not advised. Strong, saturated colors can be jarring against a black suit and make a normal color appear clownish.

Instead choose a white shirt and a tie in either black or gray for a cohesive dressy look. What tie, lapel pin and pocket colors would match with a white shirt or light pink shirt for both navy blue dark grey suits. Thanks for that great article. There are too many variables for us to possibly answer your questions. A small, collection of ties in navy blue, gray and maybe an accent color or two is all you need.

Three or four paisley pocket squares with the same colors in them will do the trick. All the more reason to weight your collection towards traditional menswear colors, blue and gray. I have just bought this gold suit and peach shirt for a special day: However, I am unable to come up with what colour and kind of tie, pocket square and cufflinks should I wear. The pocket square in the photo is a nice touch of contrast.

That combination works too. I already have navy blue pants, with light brown shoes and belt, light khaki sport coat, and a pink gingham shirt. This is really a personal preference thing, Charles. It depends on how this looks on you. Ultimately trying both ties on is the best way to decide. That said, with our limited information about how you look or how your clothes fit or look on you, we would lean toward the plain blue tie.

Depending on the size of the gingham and the stripes in the tie, those two elements could compete. Plain blue is the safer choice. Tweed and earthtones make us think the suit has country roots. And ended up with this lot https: What would you recommend with this suit.

The pink shirt and pink tie combo is tough to pull off. Just the addition of a little bit of contrast, the white shirt, will make all the different in sharpening up this outfit. So I am wearing: What should the color of my tie be? Sounds like you just described the outfit in Combination 1 above, Gerard.

As you can see there, we went with a solid purple tie for a strong color combination. My brother is getting married in July , I am trying to put an outfit together for my dad. Could you please help me out here. As for a shirt and tie combination, read up here on the best way to pull off a black suit with style. Im wearing a black suit and looking for a shirt and tie to match my partner whos color is burgundy.

Any suggestions for a shirt and tie combination. We usually only suggest a white dress shirt under a black suit with very simple accessories.

You can read more on how to wear a black suit with style here. Will be worn with gun metal dark gray pants and black shoes. However, we do think the stronger look is a solid white or light gray dress shirt with a patterned tie. Hi BL, Good day to you. I am managing my best selecting combination for my Wedding Function. I have a light grey color Pant Coat. Your tie should always be darker than your shirt.

With a light colored tie like peach, we recommend a white dress shirt. White is the most formal dress shirt color so it is perfect for weddings. Hi there, great web page, can I pick you brain please? Suit is cotton and the collar has a small black satin effect, sounds awful right?

It actually looks pretty good on. I was thinking a grey shirt maybe?? What would you say? You wrote the magic words: The answers are always looking right back at you in the mirror. In your case, we would recommend that, along with a gray shirt, try on a white dress shirt. Since it is a prom, you want to go with a formal look. White is the most formal dress shirt color so start there. As for ties, solid black is great for evening and will tie back to the satin on your lapels.

If you do go with the gray, go with a solid gray or it will be too casual for the occasion. Either way, stick with black, white or shades of gray. Adding any other colors to the outfit in the shirt, tie or pocket square will take away from the maroon color of the suit. Urgent plz reply in a hour or 2 if possible I have my college farewell tomorrow and i have bought a navy blue trouser with brown shoes and belt. And my height is a bit short 5 feet 7 inch. There are some out there, like this , which you can use in a situation like you described.

Still, it would be better to learn to do it yourself, which is what the above article is all about. He owns a black suit, and he plans to wear it with a white shirt for his high school graduation party, unfortunately? And what about the pocket square? Personaly I was thinking on solid brown for the tie and some pattern pocket square in the same color. Thanks and sorry for the long post. But, like you said, a black suit does put your little brother between a rock and a hard place.

How about a pale blue tie and white pocket square? We hope this can work out for your little brother! Hello — thanks for the wonderful article! Question though — what shirt color and pants would be appropriate with the following tie?

I was thinking white and grey pants? Any other suggestions to jazz it up a bit? We think a white shirt is the right call here too. As for grey pants, we agree—a wedding outfit should have a little more jazz to it. How about a pair of medium blue dress pants? A pair like these are a brighter medium blue color, and a pair like these are a lighter, more unique shade of blue.

Both pairs will add color to your beaus outfit and will coordinate with his tie. Hi, I am in need of a bit of advice please, ive gotta wedding next weekend, ive gotta navy suit with very faint black checks, ive gotta navy herringbone shirt i just wondered what tie i could wear with the shirt that will compliment my overall look?

Dark shirts are not dressy enough to be worn with suits and ties. We say swap out that navy blue shirt for a light blue dress shirt and a navy blue knit tie for a cohesive, blue-tinged look.

Alternatively, you could go with the shirt that goes with everything, a white dress shirt. White shirts complement everyone and are a surefire winner with just about any suit and tie combination.

Which combination of shirt and tie should i wear. With a solid navy blue suit, any of the above combinations will work, Avinash. It really just comes down to your personal taste. Getting married in July of this year…small wedding of 70 people.

I am wearing a grey pinstripe suit and grey shirt and our colours are lavender and grey. Need a tie and pocket square to go with it. Should I go with a lavender striped tie or plain. I wear suits everyday for the office and like the formality of the grey pinstripe.

What can you suggest? Stripes on stripes is a little tricky, but not impossible to pull off. Just make sure that the scale of the stripes in your tie differs from the scale of the pinstripes in your suit. For more on this, check out our Guide to Mixing Patterns with Confidence.

As for the pocket square, we love a paisley pocket square because it gives you lots of visual depth. Go with one that incorporates the lavender in your tie for a cohesive combo. I have a navy blue tweed suit that has a few details in silver and comes with a silver tie. What colour shirt and pocket square would make it look awesome? A crisp white shirt is always yes we said always appropriate. A light blue shirt will also work. As for pocket squares, the choices are seemingly endless but the sure fire way to come up with one is to choose one with a pattern that includes one of the colors in your shirt, tie or jacket.

Hello I am wearing a taupe colored suite with retro pink and blue checked shirt. What color bow tie would you recommend. A check shirt with pink in it and a bow tie is going to be pretty aggressive. The taupe suit will tone things down and the bow tie should also be more grounded than the strongly patterned shirt.

That leads us to chambray in a shade of blue that ties in to the blue in the shirt, like this one from the J. Crew Factory , which ought to do the trick. I have a charcoal suit to wear, and will probably wear a light blue shirt with it. The ideal would be to wear a darker blue tie with that, yes?

Check out some of our blue striped and polka dot knit ties here. I have a black two-piece suit with a thin light pinstripe and I am wondering what shirt and tie combinations to go for? I have some nice white shirts but want to change it up a little? Their harsh darkness is unforgiving to anyone with medium to light skin and creates jarring clashes with most colored shirts and accessories.

Often the same guy wearing the same shirt and tie looks exponentially better in charcoal gray suit than he does in a black suit. Swap that black pinstripe out for a solid charcoal gray and every color of shirt and tie will be eligible to wear. Since warmer weather is supposedly approaching, we think a chambray shirt with your white suit could look cool.

We like the idea of a lighter blue shirt, but to make things a little more interesting you could wear a light gray chambray instead. Thinking wearing a Navy plaid jacket, light blue shirt, dark grey trousers black belt and shoes, what tie would you recomend?

Its for a wedding. In our version, we paired these suit separates with a white shirt and this Forest Green Silk Knit Tie , which would still work with your light blue shirt.

If you want to add more of a fun, wedding vibe to your look, this lavender and blue tie is great for warmer weather weddings. Im wearing a mid-light grey suit and thinking of pairing with a powder blue shirt with fine white pinstriping the stripes dont stand out too much against the blue.

What tie and pocket square would you go for in this getup? FYI shoes will be tan brogues. Assuming you can swap your shirt out with a solid powder blue shirt, a tie like this or this is perfect for a summer wedding.

Kudos to you for building on a good foundation. That said, we wholeheartedly support your efforts to add some other colors to the mix. Have we lost you yet? Hello, I was wondering what type of tie a should wear with a light blue shirt with white pen stripes.

Also would that shirt go with tan pants and tan shoes with a black suit jacket. Any help would be great. You had us right up until the addition of the black suit jacket, Jake. Tan is in the earthtone family while black is in the achromatic family white, gray and black. Those two families are generally like the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Or you can go with a lighter blue like we did here. When you change the jacket to blue you open up a lot of choices for ties but one of the simplest and most stylish options would be to keep the blue theme going and choose a solid navy knit tie. Not only is this a workhorse tie in other words, you can wear it with more than just this one outfit , but it also adds textural contrast to most outfits. A light green shirt is acceptable. If you wear a white shirt you can use your dark complexion to your advantage when choosing a tie and pocket square.

Contrast is in your favor, Rildul, so you could wear a black or dark gray tie to match a white shirt and your light gray jacket. Good luck pulling the outfit together and remember, confidence is key. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I have a bold purple knitted tie as a theme for a wedding. What colour suit and tie should i go for? We like your initial thought, Rajan. We were going to direct you to this outfit , but light or dark gray will both work.

For shoes, either dark brown or black is going to match—black leaning a little bit more on the formal side. It is a wedding after all!

I have a dark navy shirt that is dotted with small white dots. The event is casual dressy and I would like a tie for it. Our rule of thumb is make sure your tie is darker than your shirt. I have a Navy Blue suit and a Maroon shirt. What are some options for ties with this combo. I currently have a gold tie, bright red tie, Black tie with crisscrossing small blue lines and a black lines, teal; a teal, black, white, and grey diagonal tie, a white tie, a black tie which both have designs but are solid colors, and a blue and purple box like tie.

I also have a white, black, grey, and light blue shirts as well as a Dark Grey suit. Any help on combining some of these would be greatly appreciated.

Woah there, throwing your whole wardrobe at us now are you? The first suit you mention—Navy Blue—is going to look better with your white, gray, and light blue shirts. If you insist on wearing it with your maroon shirt, then we would probably recommend the blue and purple box tie.

If you decide to wear one of your lighter colored shirts which we think you should , the gold, red, teal, and blue and purple tie will most likely look best with any of those shirts. You dark gray suit has similar flexibility, and would look better with a maroon shirt. Wearing the dark gray suit with the maroon shirt, you could probably match the gray diagonal tie. Again, you can wear the dark gray suit with your white, gray, and light blue shirts as well. Also, have you ever thought about mixing and matching your navy and dark gray suit as suit separates?

This story will show you the light on how to break up your suit jackets and pants. If yes, then with what tie combination? If not, what colour suit would be best and with what colour tie? Are you set on wearing this light blue shirt?

If so, this shirt would probably look better with a charcoal gray or mid to dark blue suit rather than a black suit. Wearing a gray or blue suit opens up your range of options for ties, but have you thought about matching your prom date? I am wearing an all black suit with a black shirt and my date is wearing a white dress what color tie should I go with.

I have dark navy colour suit with light pink shirt with black printed tie and black flowers on background pocket square. We think your accessories might not be a good fit for the key players in your outfit: Black matches with pink, but has a strong contrast so a black tie and pocket square would end up clashing with your navy suit.

You need to find accessories that complement the key players, not clash with them. What about this knit tie with pink polka dots? As for the pocket square, you have lots of solid or patterned options. If you opt for a pattern, try to make sure navy or pink is incorporated in that pattern.

I am looking for advice on what to wear to a summer wedding. Do I stick with a classic black suit or go for something a little bit different? What should I do? While we included a straightforward black tuxedo look, we also offered some different options that are more summer appropriate.

None of them should overshadow the groom but all of these outfit ideas add color and style to your look. Gentleman, I have a dilemma with which I seek advice. Both pieces match in color and relationship in an almost monochromatic fashion. Gentleman, we have a solution: White is probably your best choice and one way to get more creative with this is the way you choose to fold the pocket square!

What color and style tie would you recommend? You could wear green. You could go for gold bronze, actually. For some more inspiration, visit our accessories page. Hey I am wearing a Black shirt with black trouser along with a dark chocolaty coloured v — style waistcoat. Which colour tie i should wear? Hi I have a charcoal gray 2 piece suit, and a plain blue shirt, a light blue striped shirt which matching ties would you recommend.

Well Frank, the first combination above is probably the simplest thing you could do. Just about anything goes. If you want to keep the outfit simple and solid, add a little texture by going with a knitted tie. Or even add a patterned knit tie to add more visual interest. For the striped shirt, try something like our final recommendation in Combination 3 above where we paired a light blue striped shirt with a patterned tie.

For tons of other suit and tie combinations, check out our seasonal suit and tie combination article. What color suit, tie, and pocket square would work with a navy gingham shirt.

A solid blue suit navy or a slightly lighter blue , with a medium blue tie and a light or medium blue pocket square would give you a cohesive monochromatic look. To give this look a bit of life, try a patterned pocket square like this , but resist the urge to wear a patterned tie as it could easily create a busy look on a gingham shirt. Instead, wear a knit tie like this for a touch of texture. Its a tough life. I have standard khaki and black dress pants now.

I would like to adopt some gray and navy blue into my panta wardrobe and expand from the basic look I seem to be stuck in.

Ah, that does sound tricky. There are definitely life hacks that you can use to get around this and still dress yourself properly every day though. No shame in that, plus the end result will be well worth it. Lastly, for this story, if you click through to our accessories page , the product pages from there always describe the color as best as possible.

The polka dots are in several colours. I need a bow tie to go with it. Should I ditch the shirt and go plain? It is a double cuff tailored shirt and looks smarter than it probably sounds….

I was thinking one of the colours of dots but perhaps a stripe or chevron pattern. Woah there, purple suit? I have a black colour fully velvet blazer with a satin collar. Can you suggest me some good combinations of shirt to wear inside and the trousers too. As for trousers, you should wear gray or black. The shade of gray is up to you, and anything gray tweed is a great, wintry look might be getting a little too late in the season for this though.

Hello, I am looking to use the color royal blue in some fashion my date is wearing that color. I was planning on wearing a black waistcoat and black pants. Any ideas as far as shirt and tie combinations? This affair sounds formal. If so, white dress shirt—always. Otherwise, if you want to work royal blue into the mix, why not just rock a royal blue tie? We like this one from Freshneck.

Good sir, a lot of colors. The first, lighter gray suit is worn with a light blue dress shirt and the second with a classic white dress shirt. Now, these are both very traditional options. You could incorporate pattern and color at the same time with a spring-y gingham , or just a more stand out color like this. A darker gray suit will be better complemented by a lighter colored dress shirt and vice versa.

Time to make your call. How about a patterned black tie? Hope your ootd is on point! Start with your own coloring. What color hair do you have? What color is your skin? How about your eyes? Check out our story on dressing from the inside out where we share our tips on how to wear the colors that work best for you in three simple steps.

Where are you going? Is it for a day at the office? What kind of office? All of these answers will guide you towards what to wear. I want to wear for my bday, gray pants on a black suit and a black tie that has lemon sunflowers on it with tiny dots of gray in the middle of each flower… I am stuck on what shirt to wear, white or lemon?

And pls what color of pocket square. Please wear a white shirt. We do not want you going around in a black suit and a lemon colored shirt or anything else that might get you mistaken for the mascot at a Georgia Tech basketball game.

For the pocket square, a white one is always appropriate. A patterned one would also work. This gray and white one will tie in the gray of the tie and is still versatile enough to wear with other outfits.

This question is really about color theory rather than shirt and tie matching. Keep it simple with a solid, muted colored tie. Heyy i am pretty much pleased with your site and now would you please tell me what type of a tie should i wear on a White printed shirt?? Our recommendation is simple, a printed shirt should not be worn with a tie. Printed shirts are casual, ties are not. I have a black suit and a red shirt what do you suggest should be my colour of the tie or a bow tie?

Tread very carfeully, Arpan. Black and red is a great combination for a team uniform, but can be pretty jarring when paired in tailored clothes. It can be done, but it takes a delicate touch. The red must be a dark and subtle accent color like the red in this vest and tie and pocket square worn under a black suit.

Then keep the whole look simple with a black tie and call it a minimalist outfit. What would work best with a lighter denim colored cloth button up? Also the shoes are black. A bow tie with a denim shirt and khaki chinos, Joel? A knit tie like this is the only one casual enough to possibly work with this outfit.

One other note, since you brought it up, we would discourage you from wearing khaki pants and black shoes. Black and khaki will clash. Brown shoes because khaki is just a shade of brown will tie the whole look together. I want to wear an ivory three pieces suite with a red purple shirt with tiny polka dots. What colour of tie should I go for? Drop the shirt, go with a white one instead.

Then add a light tan tie. Better yet, drop the tie altogether. The whole point of dressing is to put the focus on you, not the clothes. Which colour do you think will suit me best with both the suit and shirt being black.? What tie to wear with a black shirt? This question comes up again and again see the comments above. Black shirts are casual.

A black suit with a black shirt is a smart idea for a party. If everything fits you well, the look can be quite dashing. I have a dark purple shirt and light grey and or charcoal pants.

What kind of tie can I wear with those combinations? Do yourself a favor and stock your closet with as many white light blue shirts as possible. None, a maroon shirt is too dark for a tie unless you want to look like Regis Philbin circa Our rule of thumb is your tie should always be darker than your shirt.

I want to wear a three piece mismatch suit, which colour wiast coat should I wear with an orchid tie and am dark skin tone.

Ahhh, a true unsuit! I have a navy shirt with white micro dots that I love… Is there a tie that would work with this? You should be able to fine a tie that works with this shirt.

Your husband should wear shirts with small patterns instead of stark white ones since his skin color is dark. Which one of our shirts would you pair with a light blue tie keeping in mind her husband has dark skin?

Those are to be added after the staples have been obtained, if desired. The patterns you listed are great, but in my opinion would work better in a subtle grey. We can comprise with you on a white shirt with subtle grey patterns, but maybe not a plain white shirt. I also feel a plain white shirt looks great on a dark complexion and is the best fit for a light blue tie.

Have a red striped tie, with black pants. What would you recommend for a shirt color and type. How about this Gray Micro Check Shirt? Would it be appropriate to go tie-less to this farewell party?

If so, do so. Adding a tie on top of a black suit and purple shirt will make this dark combo look even heavier. As for a pocket square, what about this purple paisley pocket square? Since your suit and shirt combination is high contrast, that will help bring your skin color to life a little more. Wearing a solid dark purple shirt with black pants. What tie colour matches that. Is ash, gray or…….

Gray is a good tie color choice, but definitely lighten your shirt up and wear light blues or white. Hi, my girlfriend recently bought me a white shirt with thick dark blue stripes and a white collar, I have been struggling to find a tie to match.

Since this shirt is bolder, you should wear a solid colored tie. We suggest trying out ties in shades of blue or gray. We are wearing midnite blue long sleeve dress shirts for a wedding what color tie do you suggest. Solid, stripe thank you. The rule of thumb with shirt and tie colors is that your tie should always be darker color than your shirt. Design shows a realistic tuxedo jacket print complete with pleated shirt and bow tie. It includes both black studs and black buttons and has buttoned cuffs that can also accommodate cuff links.

This shirt is also available in light blue, royal blue, teal, white, red, light pink, and pu This means it's a stronger weave than normal and is easy to iron and wrinkles less; just what you will need for that special event!! Invited to a formal event, but don't want to actually dress up for it? Then this funny tuxedo design with a red bow tie is perfect for you.

Sure beats trying to tie the bow tie yourself. All available colors and sizes are selectable from the drop down boxes above the price of the item. Wide spread collar shape. The cuffs have buttons but also a place for cufflinks if you so desire. Includes black bow tie. Convertible placket sleeves for clean fitting appearance. Get dressed within seconds with this realistic-looking tuxedo with red bow-tie. Perfect for any formal occasion or as a fun Halloween costume.

Shoulder to shoulder taping, double stitched sleeves, 1x1 rib seamless collar and a tearaway label. We created a unique sizing chart just for wild bobby shirts, make sure to reference our Elegant, slim fit formal shirt by AZAR in high-quality cotton with a spread collar, French cuff convertible, and versatile for tie or bow tie use.

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