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Short men's specialty stores will stock a larger selection of short suits than your average men's clothing store. Adding a slight taper at the waist of the suit jacket can create a longer look for the legs.
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What amuses/frustrates me is that the clothing industry assumes that short men must also be heavy. I need 32×28 pants but 28L is non-existent. I can settle for 32×29 but the only pants I can find in the store in that length have a waist of at least
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They carry premium name brand business and casual clothes, accessories, and shoes. They carry short rise, short inseam pants proportioned for the shorter man and for smaller waists. They offer a shop by size feature, a "find my fit" consultation service, a fit and style guide, and a made-to-measure suiting service.

Giorgenti Men's Custom Pants and Shirts clothesforsuccess. Designer Janine Giorgenti creates high-quality custom-made suits, pants, and shirts made to order from the measurements you provide.

All three Giorgenti sites listed above cater to men of all sizes, including shorter men you can click on "shorter men" from the main menu. First-time customers submit a series of measurements you can work with an online consultant if you are unsure about taking measurements , and your clothes are then made to fit and sent to you in about 3 weeks it may take up to 6 weeks for a suit.

There are a range of fabrics, prices, and styles to choose from. Joe Sugars of St. Pauls, NC , Fax: Joe Sugar's specializes in clothing to fit big, tall, short, big and tall, big and short, extra short, or extra big men.

They also have a "personal shopper" feature on their web page where you can request the type of items you are looking for and they will show you options and prices in your size. Jimmy Au's specializes in suits, tuxedos, dress shirts and casual shirts for men 5'8" and under; they also make a line of suits and tuxedos for men 5'5" and under called their "special" short line. Lebow's specializes in hard-to-fit men, and stocks short, extra short, and portly sizes in formal wear, outer wear, shirts, pants, and jeans.

Their web site does not currently have an online catalog feature, but you can order by phone. Lubin's of Westchester www. White Plains, NY Lubin's has been in business over 50 years, and specializes in high-quality boys and young men's dress clothing of all sizes. They also have experience fitting trans men. Their web site does not have a searchable inventory, but they can be called with questions.

Muldoon's Men's Wear, Inc. Muldoon's caters to big and tall men as well as short men. They feature short rise pants and jeans, casual and dress slacks, suits, outerwear and dress shirts. Milwaukee, WI Chicago location: Chicago, IL Napoleon's Tailor carries a full line of casual and dress wear for men 5'8" or under, including casual and dress shirts, pants, suits, sweaters, and outerwear.

For men 5'7" and under, they carry suits, sport coats, blazers, dress slacks, casual pants, jeans, shorts, dress shirts, hosiery, sport shirts, knit shirts, sweaters, casual jackets, neckwear, rainwear, footwear and more.

Cleveland, OH To order Customer service info shortsizesinc. Short Sizes issues several color catalogs yearly offering suits, sport coats, slacks, shirts, shoes, sweaters and sportswear. They specialize in clothing for men under 5'8", and they feature shirts with short sleeve sizes, as well as extra short and portly short sizes. Arrowhead Fountains Center Dr. Peoria, AZ Thaku's specializes in the hard-to-fit man, including short and heavy men. Their online store features a "short men's goods" section and short men's fitting chart.

Style tips for short men If you are a short man who wishes to appear taller, the overall goal is to choose clothing that makes the body appear longer. This is done, in part, by creating a straight, streamlined silhouette.

In general, clothing should not be baggy or otherwise ill-fitting; you want to create a clean "straight up-and-down" line with little interruptions, as this adds the illusion of length.

Another problem with baggy and ill-fitting clothing on a shorter man is that it ends up making you look like you are swimming in your clothes, as though you borrowed them from your larger brother or uncle. Of course, this also tends to make you look shorter as well. Pants For all pants, including jeans, make sure your pants are hemmed to the proper length so that they break only slightly.

The term "break" refers to where your pants fall on your shoes, creating a horizontal crease in the fabric across the front of your pant leg. If the break comes too high or is not defined enough, your pants will look too short when you stand or walk.

If the break is too low, there will be a lot of excess fabric around your ankles, and your pants will look oversized-- this can especially be a problem for shorter men. If you also happen to have smaller feet, a slight break will keep your pants from "drowning" your shoes. Jeans can break slightly lower than dress pants-- but one should still avoid lots of excess material around the ankles.

Cuffing jeans or other pants makes the legs appear shorter-- have your pants hemmed to the proper length as described above. Avoid white or light-colored shoes with jeans, as this breaks the overall line of the leg.

As mentioned in the " sizing in pants " section above, another thing to consider when choosing pants is the "rise"-- the distance between the crotch and the waist. If the crotch of your pants hangs too low, the legs will again appear shorter, and the area around your seat and crotch will look odd or boxy. Look for low-rise or short-sized jeans, or have a tailor alter the crotch of dress pants if it is too long.

In dress pants and khakis, pleats should be avoided, especially deep pleats. Flowing, full-cut dress or suit pants should also be avoided.

Pleats can take away from your clean vertical line, and bagginess in pants can make you look like you're drowning in too-big clothing. When possible, it is generally better to stick to flat front pants and avoid lots of extra material. In general, baggy jeans should also be avoided.

Very baggy jeans will tend to make you look like you are drowning in them, making you look smaller. This is not to say that you should wear ultra-tight jeans, but rather that when observing fashion trends, keep overall proportion in mind, and remember that certain cuts of clothing may suit your better than others. If you do choose a relaxed or baggier cut, be sure it fits you well and is proportioned for your frame to begin with i. Shirts Try to find shirts that are hemmed to rest only and inch or two below the waistline of your pants; if your shirts are longer than this, tuck them in to avoid giving the appearance of short legs.

In general, button front dress shirts should always be tucked in for the same reason in addition to the fact that it is a tidier look. Keep in mind that a tailor can alter the hem length of shirts in addition to the sleeve length for a better fit.

Avoid very baggy shirts, or shirts that puff out when you tuck them in. Look for shirts with higher armholes to avoid extra material under the arms and that fit properly-- neither baggy nor clinging to your torso. Shirts and jackets with vertical stripes can add height to your look. Choose vertical stripes that are on the thinner side-- too wide and you may start to look squat, or the pattern may overpower you. On casual shirts, a lower collar can make your neck appear longer for example, on a polo shirt.

A V-neck t-shirt can also have the effect of making your neck seem longer. Suits When choosing a suit, request a "short" cut-- short-sized suits are proportioned better for shorter men. Short men's specialty stores will stock a larger selection of short suits than your average men's clothing store.

Adding a slight taper at the waist of the suit jacket can create a longer look for the legs. A two-button jacket with a relatively low stance that shows more of the tie will make the upper body appear longer. Very subtle pinstripes can emphasize length, but avoid any strong pattern that will overpower.

For suit pants, avoid cuffs; the goal is to create long lines, and cuffs interrupt the line. As with all pants, make sure the rise on your suit pants is short enough, and avoid pleats and excessive bagginess.

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Again note that suspenders on a stout man is more appropriate than a belt. Wearing pants higher on the waist again will give a longer legged look. He will need to avoid pleated trousers and bulky back pockets. A classic fit, not too loose, not too tight and clean lines take the illusion of heaviness away. Sometimes we add to our own demise when we wear things that do not contribute to a desired outcome. Straight lines with ventless or single vent is best, side vents will add width which is not desirable in this case.

Same as with the short man, the stout man should avoid too many accessories, it tends to draw the eye towards the body instead of away. Another trick is to utilize slanted or even flapless pockets and to avoid horizontal lines. Avoid placing your hands on your hips since this draws attention to your middle as well. You can see this can be a lifestyle change but once you are aware of the things that work against your best appearance, you can utilize this information to help improve your image.

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